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Rifle Sling Accessories Every Hunter Should Know About

by Qingyun Qiu on Jun 04, 2024

Rifle Sling Accessories Every Hunter Should Know About

When it comes to hunting, having a reliable rifle sling is crucial. However, to get the most out of your sling, there are several accessories you should consider. These accessories can enhance the functionality and convenience of your rifle sling, making your hunting experience much better. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have rifle sling accessories every hunter should know about.

1. Sling Swivels

First of all, sling swivels are Indispensable. They attach the sling to your rifle and allow it to pivot. This makes moving with your rifle much easier. There are different types of swivels, such as quick-detach swivels, which are very popular.

Quick-detach swivels let you attach and detach your sling quickly and effortlessly. This is particularly useful when you need to switch your rifle from a carry position to a shooting position in a hurry.

2. Sling Pads

Next, let's talk about sling pads. Carrying a rifle for long periods can strain your shoulder. A sling pad adds extra cushioning, distributing the weight more evenly. This reduces fatigue and discomfort.

Some sling pads are made from neoprene, which is very soft and durable. Others might be made from gel or foam. Choosing the right pad can make a big difference, especially on those long hunting trips.

3. Sling Keepers

Sling keepers are another great accessory. They help manage excess sling length, preventing it from flapping around or getting caught on branches. Sling keepers are usually made from elastic or Velcro.

They wrap around the extra length and hold it in place. This keeps your setup tidy and reduces the risk of snags. They’re simple but very effective.

4. Quick-Adjust Mechanisms

Quick-adjust mechanisms are convenient. These devices allow you to adjust the length of your sling quickly. Whether you need to tighten the sling for shooting stability or loosen it for carrying comfort, quick-adjust mechanisms make it easy.

Some popular types include slider buckles and cam locks. With a quick-adjust mechanism, you can adapt to changing conditions without missing a beat.

5. Rifle Sling Mounts

Rifle sling mounts provide additional attachment points on your rifle. These can be especially useful if your rifle doesn’t have built-in swivel studs. Mounts can be attached to the stock, the barrel, or even the rail system on tactical rifles.

They come in various designs, so you can choose one that best fits your rifle and sling setup. Having multiple attachment points offers more versatility in how you carry your rifle.

6. Sling Covers

Sling covers protect your sling from the elements. They are particularly useful in harsh weather conditions. Sling covers are typically made from water-resistant materials like nylon or polyester.

They protect your sling from rain, snow, and dirt, extending its lifespan. Additionally, a cover can provide some camouflage, helping you blend into your surroundings better.

7. Sling Clips

Sling clips are small, but they offer significant benefits. These clips allow you to attach other gear to your sling, such as rangefinders, binoculars, or even small pouches.

They keep your essentials within easy reach. Clips are usually made from strong plastic or metal. They can be easily attached and removed, providing flexibility in how you use your sling.

8. Sling Extensions

Sling extensions add extra length to your sling. This can be useful if you need more flexibility in how you carry your rifle. Extensions are particularly handy for larger individuals or when wearing bulky clothing.

They attach easily to your existing sling and can be adjusted to the desired length. This ensures that your sling fits perfectly, no matter the situation.

9. Paracord

Finally, paracord is an incredibly versatile accessory for your rifle sling. Paracord can be woven into a sling for added durability and strength, creating a braided sling that is both functional and stylish.

In addition to enhancing your sling, paracord is useful in survival situations. You can use it to secure gear, make shelters, or even for first aid. Having a paracord-woven sling means you always have some extra cord on hand for emergencies.


In conclusion, the right accessories can greatly enhance the functionality and convenience of your rifle sling. From sling swivels and pads to quick-adjust mechanisms, paracords, and covers, these additions can make your hunting trips more comfortable and efficient.

As long as you take the time to equip your sling with these useful accessories, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your overall hunting experience.

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